Would You Be Prepared for a Water Shortage?

Lack of water is not something we think of as affecting first world nations, but developed countries can and do suffer water shortages in many situations.

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Dark Gas Station

How to Prepare for a Fuel Shortage

Most of us have never had to consider the risk of a fuel shortage, and many of us are woefully unprepared. However, fuel shortages are very much possible, and are indeed common in some parts of the world.

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Empty Store Shelves

How to Prepare for a Food Shortage

A food shortage can happen to any of us. The fact of the matter is that a natural disaster, or losing a job or your home, can happen, and often without warning.

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Electrical Outage Prep

Preparing for an Electrical Outage

Electricity is an essential part of our lives today. So much so, that when we are left without it we can have a very hard time getting by.

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Financial Crash

Get Ready for Financial Disaster in 2018

The trillions of dollars of debt (and a growing debt ceiling), threats of war with North Korea or Iran, and other factors, create a looming picture of the future – and it isn’t pretty.

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Nuclear Mushroom by Statue of Liberty

War on the Horizon: How to Get Ready for 2018

The next war, if it happens, promises to be one of biblical proportions. If you’re not prepared your survival chances are poor. Learn all you can now about survival techniques.

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Preparing for Terror Threats for 2018

Terrorism has come to our shores – and it’s time to get prepared. The threat of terrorist attacks in the coming year is real and preparing for them should be your top priority.

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Treating Ebola Patient

Experts Warn of Potential Health Threats for 2018

The possibility of new health threats during the coming year is very real – and with the ability of humans to travel and connect with each other, the diseases could spread like wild fire.

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Surviving Weather Threats in 2018

We’ve seen devastating hurricanes this year and miles-wide fires destroying everything in their paths and we’re likely to see worse in the coming months and years.

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Survival First Aid Kit

What to Pack in Your Survival First-Aid Kit

A first-aid kit is an essential tool that is required for disasters and emergency situations alike. Here are the most important components you need in your kit.

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