Car in a Snowstorm

Stranded In The Snow – Is Your Car Blizzard Ready?

Winter snowstorm has you stuck in the snow? A list of items to include in an emergency car kit.

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Assault Rifle

Survival Strategies When Facing an Active Shooter

Here are several tips on increasing your chances of survival if there’s an armed lunatic in the same building that you’re in.

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Woman Being Stalked

Urban Survival Strategies You MUST Know!

People often wonder if it’s safer to stay in the countryside or in an urban area during times of emergency. This is a difficult question to answer because it all depends on the nature of the crisis. If there’s a pandemic and people all over the city are falling ill, you’ll probably be safer being […]

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Coleman Sundome 4 Person Tent

Sundome 4 Person Tent

If a hurricane or tornado strikes, and part of your home is destroyed, with a tent you can always camp out in your backyard.

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War Zone

War Zone Survival Tips You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

These tips will give you an edge in surviving in a war zone. It’s the stuff that no one mentions because they probably don’t know.

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War Zone in the City

Using Transportation in a War Zone

In a war zone or disaster area, it’s of paramount importance that you be aware of the pros and cons of the different modes of transportation.

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Survival Camping

Choosing the Right Location for Your Outdoor Shelter

In some situations, if you don’t have a bunker, you might need to leave your home and bug out elsewhere to survive.

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Hurricane Damage

How to Prevent Strong Winds From Damaging Your Home

The damage from winds can be massive and when objects everywhere are becoming flying projectiles, you absolutely must know what to do to protect your home and yourself.

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First Aid Kit

What Goes Into a Survival First Aid Kit?

Most pre-made first-aid kits don’t contain the items that you need for long-term or even short-term survival. You may need to put together the supplies you need yourself.

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Earthquake Preparedness

Earthquake Preparedness – What To Do During An Earthquake

Earthquakes can cause a great deal of damage and loss of life, depending upon the intensity, so it is always a good idea to be prepared for one.

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